Qwest DSL Troubleshooting

If you are unable to connect to any web sites at all or check your email, this can usually be resolved by performing the following steps in order:

Unplug the power to your DSL modem or router. Most DSL modems do not have power switches, to turn off the modem remove its power cord from the electrical outlet.

DO NOT USE THE RESET BUTTON – The reset button resets your DSL device to the original factory settings.  If you do not have your DSL login and password, or other settings provided by PacAccess, your router will not be able to connect again until your contact us and receive the settings.  If you have pressed the reset button, please contact our technical support department.

Turn on your DSL modem or router and wait for the DSL or Internet light to stop flashing and stay on and steady. This usually takes between 30 and 90 seconds. If the DSL or Internet light does not stop blinking it means that your modem is not able to receive or train on the DSL signal from the Qwest.  Please follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve a blinking DSL light.

If your DSL light is solid but you are still not able to get online try the following:

Check a common website like Google or Yahoo! to see if either of those come up.  If they do, it is likely not your DSL connection that is the problem. 

If you are able to get to websites, but you are receiving errors checking your mail, your DSL connection is good,  Please see our ----email page to troubleshoot email issues.

Disable any firewall or Internet security software that may be running on your computer.  Automatic updates to firewall software, or responding to an alert from your security software could cause connection issues.

If you are using your computer on a wireless network, try plugging directly into the DSL modem or router.  If it works when you are connected to the route, the problem is with your wireless, and not with your DSL.

If any computers that use your DSL are able to connect to the Internet, your DSL connection is working, and the issue is only with the computer that isn’t working.

If none of these work, or if you have DSL other than Qwest, please contact our technical support department. 


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