Phishing Attacks

Recently customers have been forwarding us emails that appear to be coming from the PacAccess support team.  They are actually from spammers looking to gain access to your mail accounts, to be able to send spam through our servers using your login and password.  It's not a difficult scheme to pull off, they write up a marginally official (if that much) looking email, put in the word pacaccess a few times, and then send it to an enormous list of possible users, (known as a dictionary attack) knowing that at least a few of the emails will make it through.

Of those they're hoping that one or two of you will respond to the email with your name and password, so they can access our mail server and send out more spam, or more phishing attacks.  This scheme has been around for awhile, in different forms, and varying degrees of quality.  The one PacAccess customers are receiving isn’t one of the most convincing, but it’s likely that it will catch a couple of people off guard.

It appears as though the message is coming from and will go to that address when you reply, but it actually goes elsewhere, and we never receive it here.  

If you have questions, let us know.  If you ever suspect that you're not dealing with us directly, please check it out before sending any personal or account information our way.