Creating an Auto-Reply "Vacation Message"

 To set an auto-reply or "vacation" message on the server:

1.  Log into using your email address and password.
2.  Click on the "Vacation Auto-Reply" icon
3.  Type the subject of your auto-reply in the subject box
4.  Replace the text in "  "  with your name in the From box
5.  Replace the email address in <  >  with your email address
6.  Click the "Enable Vacation" 
If you need to make changes, log in as above, make the necessary changes and click the "Update Vacation Message" button.
Important:  When you return from vacation, please remove the vacation message by logging in, and clicking the "Disable Vacation".
Note:  If you want to reference the subject of the message someone sent you, use "$SUBJECT" in your text;
I will read your message regarding "$SUBJECT" when I return. 
For example, if someone sent you a message with the subject line:  Happy Birthday
then your text would say:
I will read your message regarding Happy Birthday when I return.