Google Chrome: Review

Google launched their Webkit (same engine as the Safari browser on Mac's) based browser, labled the Chrome, about two weeks ago. I've been using it alongside IE8 and Firefox 3.1 for about a week now, and I must admit, if I need to browse something in a jiffy, I instinctively open Chrome. Why? Its blazingly fast!

Google Chrome

Google didn't bother with bloat in Chrome. The browser itself is fairly stripped down but you won't miss a thing. It has support for all major plug-ins (Flash, Java, etc) so your browsing experience isn't hampered in any way. Chrome comes with a custom-built Javascript engine called the V8. V8 is one the main reasons to why Google run's faster when compared to other browsers. The V8 engine is highly optimized for speed and functionality, its what powers most of Google WebApps (GMail, Calendar, Docs) and a good chunk of the Internet. For the average user a browser is a browser. When switching to Chrome the interface will be different at first, but you'll come to love the "Start" page that Chrome offers, along with URL bar search suggestions, and the a built-in "task manager" that you can use to stop a non-responsive tab or a buggy applet (Flash/Java). Although Chrome lacks user-plugin support such as AdBlock+, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try out something new, or simply a browser for an old machine. You can download Chrome at